In 2007, a group of prominent Longhorn breeders formed the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance with the purpose of promoting the Texas Longhorn breed, attracting new people to the industry, and creating a series of events that will provide an enjoyable and rewarding working atmosphere for all Longhorn breeders. Since its inception, the TLMA has experienced explosive growth in membership, has acquired and revived the Texas Longhorn Journal magazine, and has created the Longhorn World Championship and

With this growth, the TLMA recognized the importance of renewing the mission to fully serve the Longhorn breeders. In 2016, the TLMA became the Texas Longhorn Cattle Association to reflect the future of the industry and to introduce an ever-growing range of services including the Texas Longhorn Cattle Association Registry.

Our Mission

To preserve the dignity and integrity of the Texas Longhorn Breed and to serve as voluntary stewards of the Longhorn Legacy.

To sponsor an alliance among owners of Texas Longhorns that encourages respectful communication, fun events and a positive environment.

To promote, advertise and market Texas Longhorns for the express purpose of enhancing their value and marketability.

TLCA Board of Directors

Lane Craft - Chairman
Mike Casey - Vice-Chairman
 Chris Clark - Treasurer
Ann Gravett
Cindy Bolen
Austin Rohr
John Lydick
John Marshall

Johnnie Robinson - Chairman Emeritus

Who We Are

Chase Vasut

Chase grew up around cattle in Texas, and during college, he hauled cattle and began an AI business.

Chase Vasut - Operations Director
Office (512) 308-0303  Cell (512) 917-8654

Laura Patterson

Laura grew up as an Army brat and pretty much lived a gypsy lifestyle until her dad retired.

Laura Patterson - Editor, Texas Longhorn Journal
(706) 573-0821

Terry Krueger

Terry joined the TLCA in 2015 as the VP of Finance.

Terry Krueger - VP of Finance
Office (512) 308-0303