Chase Vasut

Although initially not his first plan, he realized he wanted to be in the cattle business. In 2012, the Rockin AF Ranch, which includes his parents, Bert and Chana, his granddad, Bubba, brothers, Landri and Colton, and sister, Lindsey Guillory, turned its attention to Texas Longhorns in order to breed the best Longhorns by using the best genetics possible. Chase jumped right in, becoming involved with shows and sales.

In May 2015, Chase was appointed the position of Operations Director for the TLMA. In this position, he became responsible for planning and producing TLMA events, supporting marketing and promotion efforts, and assisting with member services. With his urging, the TLMA became the TLCA encompassing the future of the Longhorn industry. Along with his passion and enthusiasm, Chase has been able to get more people involved by positively marketing the breed, especially to the younger generation. Chase’s outgoing personality has enabled him to find a lot of success in the business. One of his favorite parts of the industry includes meeting new breeders and discussing genetics with everyone. But all of his success with life, his breeding program, his family and health can be attributed to his significant amount of faith.