Herd Sire Edition


NOV 2018

Check out the 2018 Year-End Trends & Stats for the Longhorn Industry


Texas Longhorn Journal

MAR-APR 2018

Cattle drives can help market Longhorns. Longhorns can be found in paradise too!

NOV 2017

We give thanks to small breeders and our supporters. The glamour of the Legacy Sale

JAN-FEB 2018

Check out the 2017 Year-End Trends & Stats for the Longhorn Industry

OCT 2017

It's an industry full of mentors - who is yours? Who will win the bronzes at the Longhorn Extravaganza?

DEC 2017

Complete Longhorn Extravaganza Coverage The Ultimate Bull and Ultimate Cow

SEP 2017

Enjoying A Blessed Life A Special Story Of The True Toughness of Texas Longhorns

AUG 2017

Celebrating the Chisholm Trail Taking A Look At Cost-Effective Management Practices

MAY 2017

Special Issue - 2017 Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale. Take A Look At 3S Danica. Alan & Teresa Sparger. Bill & Judy Meridith. three "Women of Distinction"

JULY 2017

It's All About Herd Sires! Checking Bulls For Breeding Ability. A Look At Top Bulls According To Sales Values.

APR 2017

Raising An Orphan Calf. Tips For Selling Longhorn Beef. Cooking With Longhorn Beef.

JUNE 2017

Pasture Management And Improvements. Cherry Blossom Sale Results. Horn Flies In Cattle

MAR 2017

Biosecurity Measures When Purchasing A Bull. Pre-Breeding Vaccinations For Cows And Bulls. Putting Her Mark On The Breed – Wiregrass Laura

FEB 2017

Texas Longhorns And The Beef Industry. Windbreaks Reduce Cold Weather Stress.

JAN 2017

End of Trail Ranch – Keeping The Legacy And Starting A New Adventure. An Old West Tradition In The Modern Era. Taking A Look At Some Of The Greats – WS Jamakizm


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